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Information regarding the impending arrest of a Vicksburg Middle School Administrator

Statement from Charles Glaes, Superintendent, Vicksburg Community Schools, In Response To Impending Arrest of Vicksburg Middle School Administrator

Today, Vicksburg Community Schools received notification from law enforcement officials in relationship to impending criminal charges being filed against Greg Tibbetts, Vicksburg Middle School principal:

October 29, 2012

Dear Vicksburg Parents/Guardians:

As a parent/guardian of a child enrolled in the Vicksburg Community Schools, I want to make you aware of an open investigation the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department is conducting that involves the principal of Vicksburg Middle School.

Today, we received notice from the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor that they intend to file formal charges against the administrator for alleged inappropriate conduct with a former Middle School student tomorrow.

To protect the identity of the student, we are unable to provide further details regarding the situation at this time. Please be assured that the principal was placed on administrative leave on September 25, within hours after being first notified of the investigation by authorities. We take this matter seriously at VCS, and are fully cooperating with both the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor and the Sheriff’s Department as they continue their investigation. We are confident this matter will be handled in accordance with Michigan law, but serious allegations require a serious commitment on our part to assist law enforcement in resolving the case and protecting our students.

Our district’s continued objective is to ensure that students enrolled in the Vicksburg Community Schools receive a high quality education in a safe environment. I am confident that our school community - administrators, educators, parents and students - will work together to minimize any negative impact these allegations might have on our primary mission to educate the children of Vicksburg.

We will be making counselors available at our middle and high school buildings beginning tomorrow to deal with concerns and emotional issues students might have regarding the investigation. We will continue to update you on this situation as circumstances warrant and have made this document and all others related to the incident available on here on our District website. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about your children, or your school, please contact me at (269) 321 1003.

Thank you,

Charles Glaes
Vicksburg Community Schools

For a copy to the letter sent to parents and guardians, regarding this matter - click here